Author Topic: Problem with tdataset.locate and next  (Read 1339 times)


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Problem with tdataset.locate and next
« on: April 11, 2013, 06:26:47 pm »
I am using the tdataset.locate command to find search text in a dataset (tzquery from zeos) this works great, however I want to move the cursor to the next row after the locate to do a kind of locate next, but the next function does not behave the same after I call it after a locate, it causes
the visible data in the grid to scroll down instead of moving the cursor, very odd.  If I call next before locate it works as expected and moves the cursor down one at a time.

Has anyone run into this?  I tried doing a refresh but no dice.

If I forget, I always use the latest stable 32bit version of Lazarus and FPC. At the time of this signature that is Laz 2.06 and FPC 3.0.4
OS: Windows 10 64 bit


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