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Hi there,

don't know if i write this in the correct forum, but I have a question:

When using the Win32 version, after compiling the prog, it also lauches a DOS box at starting. Can I switch this off?
At Delphi and Kylix, there never was such a box..


..and sorry for my bad english, I'm from Austria ;)

Vincent Snijders:
It should be possible, but as lazarus is still in development from time to time debug information is written to the console window.  If that window would be closed, the application would crash, if it write this debug information.

You can turn of the creation of the console window in the compiler option dialog.
Run, Compiler Options, Linking tab,  Target OS Specific options, and check the win32 gui application checkbox.

But you are warned your application may very well crash, until the LCL source code is completely freed from console output.


Thanks, I think I'll wait until Lazarus has become stable.


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