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Lazarus web site done with Lazarus ?

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Fred vS:
Hello everybody.  ;)

Now that Lazarus is adult and has his own web components and everything to create from a to Z a web server, i suggest to translate the Lazarus Web site from Simple Machines into something totally FPC-Lazarus.

Brooks library has everything to do it and it could be a nice example to show the web-Lazarus page done in pure Lazarus-FPC.

PS : I do not have anything against the actual Lazarus site, but it is strange to use Simple Machines who is not pure Pascal, while Lazarus has everything to do it...  :-X. 

What exactly would you do with Brooks? The forum I guess. The main page is mostly static, or at least it should be mostly static.

Your post had a good timing because I was just discussing about a sub-project to improve the Lazarus main web page. I am going to ask somebody to administer it. I was not thinking of changing the forum platform though. The forum works ok and Brooks is not a forum SW (or is it, I don't know for sure?).

The main page should be more friendly to new visitors. For example currently it does not answer the question "What is this about?" etc.
I am planning to write more about it.
IMO the development process of this open source project works reasonably well, except for the web page design. It needs fix-up, its original authors are busy, and nobody else can change it by sending patches or any other way.
I want to change that. As you say Lazarus is adult and thus the web page could start attracting people as well.


Fred vS:

--- Quote ---What exactly would you do with Brooks? The forum I guess.
--- End quote ---

Of course, the Lazarus forum is the soul of the Lazarus project.

Lazarus merits a soul done by himself and from himself...  ;)

Fred vS:
First suggestion for Web site :

-1 Colour.

Could it be possible to imagine something else that the always blue-Windows like colour ?


--- Quote from: Fred vS on March 26, 2013, 01:00:56 am ---First suggestion for Web site :

--- End quote ---

You can make suggestions to the coming site admin. I am not planning to do it myself. I am not good in web design. How about you?
If yes, then you are a candidate.
There will be a copy of the current VM to play with. There is no strict dead-line because the current page will be there until the new one is ready.
However, the person must have commitment for the task. It also means that all plans must be realistic. For example making a new forum platform is a big task.
It is easy to suggest but actually doing it is a different matter.



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