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.po file and code page : utf8 or not ?



I'm working to update the

The file uses UTF-8. It work fine with GTK 1.2 but if I want to compile lazarus for GTK 2, the strings with accent aren't visible.

I use mandrivalinux2006 with both gtk1.2 gtk2.0
lazarus in snapshot 2006-02-26 version (just before the crash lol)

1) I suppose we continue to do patches for utf-8, is'nt it  ?

2) how to have accents with gtk 2.0 ? I can convert the fr.po before compiling but  i'm not sure it's the best solution. Is it possible to configure (or change version of...) GTK2 for utf-8 ?

PS : Excuse me for my english. I know I speak it like a spanish cow ;o)

@1 po files are in UTF8


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