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TCustomFloatSpinEdit = class(TCustomLabeledEdit)

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Please change...

TCustomFloatSpinEdit = class(TCustomEdit)
TCustomFloatSpinEdit = class(TCustomLabeledEdit)

and add to public
property EditLabel;
property LabelPosition;
property LabelSpacing;

and add the same to the published property of TFloatSpinEdit and TSpinEdit

and now we have the FloatSpinEdit and SpinEdit with a TLabel as do TLabeledEdit

I have written TStickyLabel and TStickyButton that allow a Label or a SpeedButton to be associated with any TWinControl.  They work similar to TEditLabel.  You can use them if you like.  I cut the code from a much larger file so you may have to play with it to get it to compile.  I only ask that if you make changes, you let me know.

This won't happen because of incompatibility with Delphi, and it breaks backwards compatibility for exiting programs.

Sorry, have you made a wiki article / github / bitbucket / google code / sourceforge / something else for your component? I think it's good and having it in the forum only makes it less visible to the world.

Bart, are you the Bart that is on Lazarus Developement Team?  If so maybe you could take a look at 'TStickyLabel' and 'TStickyButton' and see if it would interest Lazarus.


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