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[LazFreeType] how get charcode by glyph index?

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I need to implement a render TTF fonts. I want to use TFreeTypeFont. How can I get the character code by glyph number? Reverse procedure provided TFreeTypeFont.CharIndex [charcode]. If I only known glyph index, the character code I can not find out?

Nope, there is no function for that yet.

The char index is obtained using TT_Char_Index function which uses CharMap_Index of TTCMap. So one glyph is not associated with one char code, it depends on the map used.

However it would be possible to do a reverse function similar to CharMap_Index.

By the way, I think that there are still some errors in those functions, because with some fonts like Courier New some glyphs are not found.

Here is some spec for cmap table:

Thanks, I thought so. While did just brute force attack, but it is slow. Have to do the inverse functions.

If you do so, it is possible to add them to LazFreeType.

Note that :
- the relative offsets can be relative to the position after the value of the offset.
- The map is not necessary already loaded (see beginning of CharMap_Index function)

Ок. I will try to do when I decide other issues with the TTF in my app


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