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The shape of code does not need to be that diverse. For example divider lines can add to the info. Same if markup (like selection is visible.

You can actually get an idea, if you use the editors zoom (ctrl mouse wheel).

This however does not use a big bitmap and then a stretchdraw. This makes a difference, in that for example divider lines, stay a full pixel in height. Stretchdraw would anti-alias / fade them,  I guess.

Imho diructly painting with a small font, looks better than scalling. But it means the size can only be set in certain steps.

Integrating the feature needs more than just painting.

Ideally it will (same as the overviewgutter) use a childwincontrol. So it get's it's own paint messages. That can reduce the paint over head a lot.


Also, I was unable to find a license on the code.

That said, if license is solved, it can be added as a component. It is always possible to later have both (stretchdraw and small font).

IDE integration can be looked at too....


Personally, I favour using the small font.

The current SynEdit & IDE has over 90% of the code in various places already. So it just needs to be put together.

Just noticed, this module does not apply any highlights.

Also it does not expand tabs. So the overview display will look different from the original.
Same applies to none monospaced fonts, which should be enforced to grid. And even within monospaced fonts, some chars may not stick to the grid. This sometimes happens with "full width" chars, that should be exactly 2 cells in the grid. But may in some fonts only be 1.5 cells


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