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i just wonder if somebody will add this code to the official lazarus ide? To get rid of the platform depency it is enough to replace the function which contains the StretchBlt with the regular canvas pendant.


I doubt that code for the original SynEdit will work in Lazarus.
The Lazarus SynEdit is a fork, and heavily modified

The idea of such an overview is somewhere on the todo....

Well thats correct, but it is not that big deal to change the code. I did this yesterday, and besides the fact that the editor hook solution i made is lousy it runs okay.
I'm aware that it needs a bit more work to run fluently - especially since the bitmap is quite memory consuming on large code, but it is a proof of concept:

I would really like to have such a function inside lazarus, because it is easier to memorize a code structure than to search all the time through code.

A similar thing already exists in Lazarus, although at a less detailed level. It is the gray bar next to the scrollbar. You can identify the interface and implementation sections, as well as the location of breakpoints, text bookmarks and modified text. Maybe this is sufficient?

I have always wondered about the usefulness of this feature.
It seems to me that if the shape of code is diverse enough to be distinguishable at such a small scale,
then the code is formatted inconsistently.

If I would take a single feature from Sublime, it would be "Goto anything". Procedure list is a good first step in this direction.


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