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I'm translating now the file lazarus/languages/objinspstrconsts.po, but I can't find in wich part of the IDE the strings of this file are used (to better translate the strings I need to know precisely what they are meant to represent). I looked into the menus of the IDE, but could't find it. Can someone help me?


I would guess that is part oof the object inspector

But where are these msg in the ide? I didn't find them. I'm a complete newbie to lazarus, so reading the source to discover where they are displayed would very time-expensive :(

Vincent Snijders:
Can you give an example? Maybe you are right when you say you  need to read the source (or search the source)  to find out where they are used.

How else can it be done? Enlighten me, please.

For example this text:

#: objinspstrconsts:sccslvedtgrprcaption
msgid " Item property "
msgstr ""

I want to know what kind of thing is such an item. The word "ítem" exists in Spanish, but the meaning is more restricted than in English; probably I should translate it as "elemento" (element), "objeto" (object), or another. Also the translation is longer than the original (propiedad del elemento). I want to know whether this is a problem.



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