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I put any database connection componet i.e. TZConnection on datamodule and this is the only component on this datamodule.
I put any query component on another form. The datamodule is included in uses clause in this form.
From designer level I cannot assign this connection component to this query.Connection property.
From code it is of course possible and it works query.Connection := datamodule.connection.
But is enough to put any query component on datamodule and assigning the connection to the query component from form from designer level works fine.
Is it a bug in Lazarus or I am untutored in something?


I cannot reproduce with neither Lazarus 1.0.7 fixes, nor Lazarus 1.1 (rev. 40260), Windows 7.

I open new project, then add new data module, put ZConnection on it and ZQuery on the main form. Then in object inspector I can select ZConnection1 in ZQuery1.Connection property.
This is all I did, I didn't even need to add unit2 (the one with data module) to uses list in unit1.

Which Lazarus version do you have? And which os?

you need to have the datamodule open in your ide in order to be able to select the connection in it.


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