Author Topic: Fortes4Lazarus install problems  (Read 2574 times)


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Fortes4Lazarus install problems
« on: February 05, 2013, 05:42:22 pm »
Hi guys,
I try install Fortes4Lazarus (3.23, 3.24 and 3.24 LCL-R2), but unsucesfully, each one give a diferent error when compiled.

Some infos Windows8, Lazarus 1.04 and FPC 2.60

Eg. using Fortes4Lazarus 3.23 compile error
C:\lazarus\components\fortes323forlaz\rldraftfilterdialog.pas(69,12) Error: Only class class methods, class properties and class variables can be accessed in class methods
Put on Screen the unit RFDraftFilterDialog with cursos in line 69, this line have Destroy;
this line is insede this class:class function TRLDraftFilterDialogForm.Execute(
  xFilter: TRLDraftFilter): boolean;

Thanks for help!


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