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This news says: "A new binary release of Lazarus for Win32 is now available. You can find the file on the download section of sourceforge

This release includes FPC 1.9.3 and the Lazarus source as of 3 days ago."

So I downloaded and installed the binary. But the compiler included is version 1.0.10.

Did I anything wrong or did I misunderstand anything? Thanks for help.

Vincent Snijders:
I just downloaded the binary and confirmed it has fpc 1.9.3.

lazarus\pp\bin\win32\ppc386.exe is version 1.9.3 of 2004/03/02.

Maybe you downloaded the old installer, the new one is lazarus-9.0.1b-20040306-win32_binary.exe,

The file I downloaded is named "lazarus-9.0.1b-20040306-win32_binary.exe". So it seems to be the right one.

When I start IDE (fp.exe) and check the "about" item at category "help" there the program says "Compiler version 1.0.10". Isn't it the same one?

fp.exe is the text console IDE which only works with fpc 1.0.10 AFAIK. Lazarus, OTOH, does work with fpc 1.9.x.

I see. Thanks.

Well, so how do I check the version of the compiler correctly? Where do I have to look for it? This question seems to be stupid but I often searched many files for hints on this in freepascal directory without any success.


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