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RichMemo example shown on wiki page - where to get?

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On the RichMemo's wiki page there is a screenshot of a nice example of RichMemo ( The example is not in the samples directory of that component. Does anyone know where I can get that example? It has all the editing buttons and I assume it has the code to make them work.

Just go the the Lazarus component & resources site, you'll find all you need there.

Ok I looked again. It's not under RichMemo (that only has "testsimple") and I didn't see anything concerning richmemo under Demos and Examples. Where do you suppose it is?

But it is there, I just visited the site again using the above link, scrolled down a bit and found it without a problem (see screenshot).

Oh! I see. Apparently you didn't read my original post very carefully.  :P (tee hee hee). Thank you anyway for your  assistance.

I'm looking for the source code project for the EXAMPLE app shown in the screenshot on the RichMemo wiki page. The example app included with the RichMemo component is something different and not very useful.


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