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little problem with IDE

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Why when i minimized the main form, the others form doesn't minimize too. I have to minimize one by one.
When I minimized the result form, the form doesn't minimize to the taskbar, but still stay on the taksbar.

THis is not implemented yet

Hmm if a window is minimized to taskbar, how do you restore it then?

i have some problem:

1. why i can't copy text from other resource (ex. notepad) to the editor.
2. in code completion, after i press enter always followed gy semicolon,  and  the active window suddenly  change? so i have to click the editor again.
3. when i use Terminal component (if i'm not wrong) after i compile, then i click one of page/tab, the application close.
4. when i click the emty area in editors, frequently link to the xxxxx.lrs this is anoying me.

i'm sorry if my english is not good enough, because english is not my natural language. thanks for your attention

Hi akhdan

I have the same problems. But nobody answered.

It's ubelievable that some developers compare Lazarus with Delphi 5. Maybe it works stable on linux, but on windows I can't use it.



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