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Created small tabbed webbrowser for Windows. It's based on IE / activexcontainer.pas


(could not attach, because of size)

Demo shows (for example) how to:

- Create tabbed browser
- Keyboard hook to capture key presses
- Mouse hook to capture mouse events
- Addressbar autocomplete (shlwapi)
- Read/write typed urls to registry
- Don't show Javascript errors
- Make tab key, F5, zooming work..
- Run webbrowsercontrol in IE8/9/10 mode
- Disable navigation sounds
- Disable activex / javascript / change other downloadoptions
- Disable scripts from specific domain/url(s)
- Redirect xxx to yyy using Translateurl
- Clear IE cache
- Use own useragent
- ...

It's cut from my larger Delphi project, not sure if I removed all useless code?!   

You can do whatever you like with it..

FPC 2.6.1 or later is needed. I have tested only latest 2.7.1. (for 64bit Lazarus FPC 2.7.1 compiled with -dTEST_WIN64_SEH is needed)

Demo should work Lazarus 1.0.10 win32 (64bit Lazarus needs FPC2.7.1)

Hi TimeWarp,

great example, worked great for my project. Thanks for publishing it. I started to rewrite my delphi app and got stuck here:

I need to get the current source from the WebBrowser which I did like this:

--- Code: ---procedure TForm1.WBDocumentComplete(ASender: TObject; pDisp: IDispatch; var URL: OleVariant);
var r: integer;
 s: string;
 WB: TEvsWebBrowser;
 source: string;
iall: IHTMLElement;
  if Pos('analysis/analysis_main.asp',URL) > 0 then
    with WB.ComServer do
      if Assigned(document) then
         iall := (document AS IHTMLDocument2).Body;

         while iall.parentElement <> nil do
            iall := iall.parentElement;
         source := iall.outterHTML;

--- End code ---

The source I get is not the one belongs to "analysis_main.asp" but the parent html of that.

Could you be so kind and tell me what did I do wrong?

Thanks in advance,


typo?: iall.outterHTML -> iall.outerHTML;

And don't use the "with" keyword, at least when debugging, it is confusing.

What is the url?

Documentcomplete can fire many times (if there are frames for example) You most likely want to keep this line anyway.

if (pDisp as IWebBrowser)<>WB.comserver then exit;

Just one thing I discovered recently. It's better to set browser emulation registry key in initialization section. This way it affects immediately, not just after next run.


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