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Question on porting Windows Delphi 7 application

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There is also a port of David Baldwins HTML viewer component that might work, depending on the
complexity of the HTML the app is pulling in.

If the app is using the windows messaging for it's own internal use from like threads the LCL messaging will work fine.

I converted a bunch of apps that used windows messaging to send messages from threads to the main form and it worked perfectly.

With a bit of research you could have this baby running on a bunch of different platforms.

See this blog post for info on LCL messaging.

Apparently GTK2 and QT have their own similar message handling systems which the LCL uses, so it's not really emulating it in at least those two cases.


--- Quote from: snorkel on January 04, 2013, 06:52:33 pm ---What I have done is use the Lazarus Delphi Unit conversion tool to convert the forms one at a time.  Converting the whole app does not seem to work that great at least for me, but I had really good success converting one form at a time.

--- End quote ---

Are you using Lazarus trunk? The whole project should convert if the individual units convert. I recently experimented with converting the Deled 3-D design app, and improved the converter at the same go. It now converts the whole thing automatically without errors. The code still needed some manual changes before it compiled though ... and OpenGL will need many more changes before it works.

Anyway, I would like to see your project which can't be converted as a whole. Can it be shared?

kdtop, about the original issue: old DB applications made with Delphi 7 at my job extensively use QuickReport and 3rd party components like Quantum Grid and TMS pack etc.
They would be very hard to port to Lazarus. If your app does not use those components, you have hope.


no not using trunk, using the latest stable version.
I can't share the app, it's a internal corporate thing.

It worked out well the way I did it anyway as I updated a bunch of things that where festering on the old delphi version.

Those high end Delphi components like Dev Express and TMS are a pain in the rear.
A couple of years ago I decided to not use that stuff any more and make due with the the stock controls and VirtualStringTree which I knew worked on Lazarus.   That made porting of my newer delphi apps a breeze.


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