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Question on porting Windows Delphi 7 application

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--- Quote from: snorkel on January 07, 2013, 04:55:51 pm ---no not using trunk, using the latest stable version. I can't share the app, it's a internal corporate thing.
It worked out well the way I did it anyway as I updated a bunch of things that where festering on the old delphi version.

--- End quote ---

Ok, it sounds like many manual changes were required in any case.

The Delphi converter in Lazarus now identifies units belonging to a known and already ported library. It omits them from the project and adds the library package dependency to the project instead.
Many projects have included common libraries in their source trees. My test case DeleD is a good example. It has FastMM which is not needed and just omitted from the project. Then is has SynEdit, PascalScript and Graphics32 which are all ported to Lazarus already!
I actually have high hopes to port that application for Lazarus soon.
OpenGL is ported, too, but the cross-platform support requires many manual changes.

Hint: New converter settings are always welcome. The converter can also replace used unit names, function calls and properties etc. Although the code analysis is rather primitive, it could be improved a lot by simply adding more configuration settings.

This all does not help with the high end components and other hard-to-convert code. Those would require some neural network artificial intelligence solution.


Apparently you can use the IE activeX control,9762.0.html

Obviously wont work on other platforms, but at least you could get rid of Delphi 7.

Once you have it running on Lazarus win32 it should be easier to get running on the other platforms.


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