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Pascal4Android IDE V0.1.0 beta world premiere

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what about GNU/Linux version? Shell we wait?

Or may be if you release a source, someone can help you, for example on github.

Dear MR Xue Hua,
Thank you very much for your very probably first wolrd related programmers attempt to create Android applications by using PPCJVM, Android JVM target.
Approach which you have introduced allow developers to create very small applications. Dex files are less than 180 KB in syze.
Your building approach support apps with The multiple activity.
It is sad, that you had no strenght to go through very complex development journey.
Adding GUI elements creation support in to your IDE.
But I understand it. Android APIS are developing so rapidly and so fast. Before you would finish with implementing Android 14, GOogle has introduced new Android API release. And every Android APi release can support in theory new GUi elements.
Who has generated Android R14.INC and other Android RTL header files?
Was it you dear MR Xue Hua?
Today, PPCJVm Android JVM target community very probably need someone, who would have enough programmers skils to generate new Android RTL headers based on newest Android APIS.

It is not very easy task.
And very probably, fully automated solution is may be for The professors on university, who has passed informatic sciences studyes.

Now as for Me, as a visually impaired developer, there are currently two usable packages.
Pandroid, and Lamw.
Pandroid support many preconfigured GUI elements and developer is not being forced to read Google documentation about GUI element and there is no need to use Android API calls directly.
More over, lamw support to machine code compilation. And Lamw developers have done very complex developers task to implement JNI communication between .so library and Java components.
I will experiment safely with your old IDE by adding The newest Android.jar APi target version 33 and I will be also using newer Android APi functions header not 13, but 25 and I will try to even use The newest 29 version which have been generated by MR Swianovicz Zeljuko. By The author of Pandroid.

But I Am deeply appreciating your previous hard programmers work and your Pascal knowledge have to be very deep.


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