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Lazarus + Windows CE 6.0

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Thanks everyone,

will read the links :)

Still weird, cause it's an ARM device which im using, hope these links will
give me an answer.



I wrote some programms using Lazarus some time ago. I've used Lazarus (fpc 2.2.4) and 0.9.30 (fpc 2.4.2). Apps were tested on Windows Mobile 6 emulator (CE 5.2) and on real devices (i.e. Symbol MC9090G, Motorola MC3190, Honeywell Dolphin 9700). Everything was working OK.

Now I have problem with the same apps but it's installed on Motorola MC2180 (Marvell PXA 320, WindowsCE 6.0). First, my GUI applications look strange on terminal - they have no custom icon (just default icon for a application in OS). When I click on such icon nothing happens - no error window, no beep, no result.

I installed today Lazarus' latest version 1.0.8 (fpc 2.6.2). I've preperred simple app with just one form and configured Lazarus to compile to WinCE. Effect is just the same like before.

I've created console application with default content and ran it in command prompt on terminal. Program executed but again with no output.
When I shortened the default console program to this only:

--- Code: ---program project1;

  Write('- TEST -');
--- End code ---

I get popup error window with some numbers.

When program was:

--- Code: ---program project1;


  Write('- TEST -');
--- End code ---

in result I got EInOutError: File not open

When I changed program to this:

--- Code: ---program project1;

  old, f: TextFile;

  Assign(f, '/file.txt');
  old := Output;
  Output := f;
  Write('- TEST -');
  Output := old;
--- End code ---

it worked.

I don't know how this issue with console application is connected to "silent death" of forms applications. But I have no idea how to solve my problem and don't know how to configure Lazarus to compile properly to WindowsCE 6.0.

I have the same problem, the console writes to the file ok
A new project with the same code in the formShow or FormCreate doesn't write the file
In the project options I only changed
- LCL WidgetType = wince
-Target OS (-T) = WinCE
Target CPU family (-P) = arm
Linking - generate debugging info for GDB = Unchecked

Installation of
I did it in this order and in reverse order.

De properties of both the working (program) and not working (application) exe give Portable executable for ARM or compatible (01C0h / 010Bh)
The target device is Motorola MC2180 WinCE 6.0.

Any suggestions?
A working project with just a form will do too.

thanks in advance

I have a totally stable and operational Windows Mobile application that opens the screen out of the visible screen in a WinCE 5.0 handheld. Another simple totally operational windows mobile application opens minimized in the WinCE 5.0 and doesn't maximize.

I know that at least the screen blanking routine of WinCE lazarus 1.0.8 have problem. It doesn't clean the screen totally. It was told me by mr. Felipe Carvalho told me there is a problem in this routine caused by a wrong modification made some versions ago.



Hi @RaC

I use Lazarus 1.1 SVN build 41609 with FPC 2.6.2 on WinCE Emulator 6.5 and PSION EP10 device with WinCE 6.5 and everything is working just fine on few dozen devices used every day more then a half a year.

Application is used for POS orders and it send collected data thru socket , GPRS and internet to server.

I have made another application for WinCE and it is used on more then 150 PSION EP10 devices more then a year.

All windows and controls are displayed with no problem, so it is hard form me to understand what kind of problem do you have.


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