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We need some nice Powered by or Built with Lazarus Logos

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Did a google search and all I could find was the tiny image on the FreePascal home page.

Lazarus is getting more popular now and it would be nice to have some cool looking built with Logos to include in about or help dialog boxes.

Unfortunately I am not a very good graphic artist :-(  or I would build some.

mas steindorff:
there was some talk about adding an "about form" to the file->new.. list of templates like dephi has.  I'm still stuck on an older rev of lazarus, did this happen for the new release?

IMHO, this would be the best place to put a list of ions options for us to use.

Can you recall the thread?

How about these:,20576.msg119175.html#msg119175

Of course there is also the golden oldie "built with" logo, which still suits me fine.
I think all energy should be put in making Lazarus/FreePascal better and better and not in some logo restyling.


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