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Unable to compile Lazarus on raspberry pi

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I used to increase swap file and then managed to compile Lazarus 1.0.2 from the source (latest SVN at the time) on my old 256MB Pi. I am not sure, but I think I have increased swap to 512MB. I can check when I get home if anyone is interested. X was not started. I used FPC 2.6.0 from repository.

Combining lazarus with a debian version( wheezy raspbian) of linux on a raspberry pi provides a huge number of opportunities for a bad outcome. The raspberry pi folks have addressed this with pre validated packages. So if  using these packages has value to you are the steps.
1) get ready to update the pi OS

The following commands can take about 2 hrs to complete
  sudo apt-get update              //// gets latest version of pi OS
  sudo apt-get upgrade             //// upgrades to the latest version
  get ready to install fpc

  sudo apt-get install fpc         //// this often fails
  If 2) fails
  sudo apt_get update
  sudo apt-get install fpc        /// should now work

 Get ready to install lazarus
  sudo apt-get install lazarus

At this point the lazarus IDE should run.
Now the raspberry pi OS distro is for a 2gb SD card. ( even an 8gb card will only get a 2gb partition) Use Win32DiskImager.exe( to R/w linux image) and a partition manager to expand the linux partition space...I run lazarus on a 8gb sd card pi is 512MB rev B


Which is exactly what I have done.

And there is no problem in installing FPC + Lazarus.

BUT, the problem comes when one wants to install additional packages (eg. Zeos), which requires the IDE to be rebuild  - then the compilation fails.

I did install bgracontrols and other components that I wrote myself and the IDE did recompile without error but it was slow ( several minutes). Now you may have a dependency issue between the zeos and the version of lazarus it will run on....further the version of lazarus that will run zeos may not run on the pi. Opportunities to encounter issues like this exist with every new version of lazarus or the linux pi OS. Fortunately these opportunities are free opportunities.

Ok, then lets turn it the other way - does anyone have any luck in installing Zeos on the Pi, and if so, how do one have to do?


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