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Got no response; just sent him a reminder.

Thanks for the info. Let's hope for the best...


My terminal application was finished recently (drawing lines by hand) and I have no need for this editor now, but I have decided to try to contact the author my self to avoid repeating all the hard work if I ever need textual screen designer again. Fortunately, I have received two replies from the author shown below. He has been so kind and released source under GPL3. Who knows if/when I will have next project that needs textual screen designer, but if anyone is in a hurry feel free to try yourself to adapt sources to FPC. Once finished, this would be a very powerful screen designer that will allow building TUI (textual user interface) frontends for endless linux command line tools which could be run from terminal, SSH or Telnet.

Reply 1:
"Zeljko -
I have decided to release DialEdit under the GNU General Public License.
Go to
again, and you will see that has been replaced by,
which includes the source code and the user manual in a form meant to be viewed
in the IDE (using the LineDraw font to show example dialog features).
The original BP7.0 program has been adapted to Visual Pascal, so hopefully
that will make the port to FreePascal easier.
- Jim"

Reply 2:
"Zeljko -
Yes, you may publish my former reply on the forum.
I have been retired for 12 years, and will be glad to see
DialEdit gain new life.
There remains a copyright notice in the CopyNote string,
but this is preempted by the GPL notice in the comments.
The CopyNote string, which is displayed by the EXE to
show the program version, can be replaced by a last-edit
date, perhaps including a GPL notice.
The "To-Do" and "Notes" comment sections near the
beginning of the source code may give you ideas for
further improvements.
I have a habit of putting {+} tags on source code lines
to mark recently added or modified lines.  The idea is
that when new behavioral faults are observed, these
lines are suspected first as possible culprits.  Often,
one conceptual change requires scattered code changes.
You may also publish any of this reply on the forum.
- Jim"

Thank you very much Jim!

I have config/params and tvinput compiling.

I also have dialedit running but it crashes when creating a new dialog.

Possibly there are issues with streams not being 100% compat, since it comes with a resource file that it tries to read.


 $00431EF5  ADVANCESTRINGPTR,  line 236 of ./fv/src/histlist.pas
 $00422088  TGROUP__FOREACH,  line 2329 of ./fv/src/views.pas
 $0042248A  TGROUP__HANDLEEVENT,  line 2514 of ./fv/src/views.pas
 $004256E9  TWINDOW__HANDLEEVENT,  line 3973 of ./fv/src/views.pas
 $00428A5F  TDIALOG__HANDLEEVENT,  line 1134 of ./fv/src/dialogs.pas
 $00426792  MESSAGE,  line 4629 of ./fv/src/views.pas
 $0042A24C  TBUTTON__PRESS,  line 1841 of ./fv/src/dialogs.pas
 $0042A905  TBUTTON__HANDLEEVENT,  line 2015 of ./fv/src/dialogs.pas
 $00422088  TGROUP__FOREACH,  line 2329 of ./fv/src/views.pas
 $0042241B  TGROUP__HANDLEEVENT,  line 2505 of ./fv/src/views.pas


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