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In unrelated news Pyroworm just became my favourite Worm/Conways Life mashup :)

I look forward to going through the source code - thanks for the site pointer :-)


--- Quote from: marcov on May 02, 2014, 04:31:34 pm ---Possibly there are issues with streams not being 100% compat, since it comes with a resource file that it tries to read.
--- End quote ---
marcov, you are faster then light ;-). I didn't expect anyone to take a look at it so soon. Anyway, if resource file is a problem I may try to talk it through with the author or I could PM you his contact details.

I yesterday did some more:

- the first crash was in histlists, probably because the history stream format is different. Renamed the .hst file -> solved.
- second crash is in initbounds, probably due to an order problem in the constructor.

for a
  new  (psometing,something.init...());

it seems that TP assigns the allocation to psomething before calling init, and FPC after.  Anyway, the initbounds access the global var and is called during subitems initialziation, leading to crashes. No solution yet.

Jurassic Pork:
hello marcov,
is it in these calls that you have a sigsegv :

--- Code: ---#0 TTRIALBUTTON__INIT(0xcfd38, 0xffffffff, <error reading variable>) at DialEdit.pas:2311
#1 TTRIALDIALOG__INIT(0xcfe10, 0xffffffff, <error reading variable>) at DialEdit.pas:4078
#2 NEWDIALOG(0xcff30) at DialEdit.pas:5027
--- End code ---

something is strange :
TTRIALBUTTON__INIT  call initbound and initbound use trialdialog :

--- Code: ---procedure InitBounds(var R: TRect; SX, SY: integer);
    PX, PY: integer;
    PX:= TrialDialog^.Size.X - 2;
    PY:= TrialDialog^.Size.Y - 2;
    R.Assign(PX-SX, PY-SY, PX, PY);
end; {InitBounds}   
--- End code ---

but in calling procedure init of trialdialog is after the New ???????

--- Code: ---  PV:= ValidView(New(PTrialDialog, Init(@DialogData)));
                TrialDialog:= PTrialDialog(PV);   
--- End code ---

with this ( for test only) no crash :

--- Code: ---    TrialDialog := New (PTrialDialog);
                PV:= ValidView(New(PTrialDialog, Init(@DialogData)));
                TrialDialog:= PTrialDialog(PV);     

--- End code ---

Tomas Hajny:
BTW, I just came across this ancient thread due to the recent updates - there had been certainly multiple dialog editors available for Turbo Vision. My memory could serve me with at least one additional program - Turbo Vision Resource Workshop by Balazs Scheidler. If the name sounds familiar to you, it indeed should - you can find the name listed on pages "Credits" available from the FPC homepage.

There were multiple such tools available. Quick scan through my archive of downloaded freeware and shareware packages found in addition to those mentioned above also Dialog Designer by L. David Baldwin and TVGen by Bocian Software. Unfortunately, the great repository at formerly managed by big (Turbo) Pascal fan Timo Salmi is not available any longer; I'm fairly sure there would be more such tools available there.


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