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FreePascal text mode dialog designer for Free Vision

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I have succeeded to compile TESTAPP FreeVision application and run it via remote terminal on Raspberry Pi ARM HF Debian Linux. Now I would like to use FreeVision but couldn't find any text mode dialog designer. Neither in text mode IDE neither in my net or wiki search. I have only found this application for Turbo Pascal: DialEdit - a Visual Editor for TurboVisionTM Dialogs Is that no source ancient DOS application my only option?

Hi Avra,

I've looked around some but didn't find anything. Have you come up with anything useful meanwhile?

Perhaps we could send an email to the author of DialEdit and ask to make it open source (GPL/LGPL). AFAIU, it's written for another Pascal compiler, but perhaps translating it to FPC won't be too hard...

Unfortunately it seams that's the only option. I just don't get it that all these years TP/FP text mode existed without such a tool integrated in IDE. What did everyone do, draw screens in code? Visual screen designer really boosts productivity, and some nice visual text mode application like raspi-config could be written in an afternoon. Of course, for Midnight Commander or Dos Navigator you would need "a little" more time... ;-)

Ok, I'll send him an email if you don't mind.Sent him an email.

Thanks. Let me know about the result.


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