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The Main Page isn't edit-able by us lowly users ... but I think something needs to be added.

At the moment it has a subheading "Mailing lists" but I believe this should more usefully be "Community Support" and include a line about these forums, including the main link
and possibly the one I use most

If a new user is looking at Lazarus/FP for the first time, and they're averse to mailing lists, and might not have spotted the forum link on the main Lazarus page, it's just possible they could give up and leave.

It's something that bugs me when I'm looking for new languages and frameworks to play with. I cannot stand mailing lists, and I won't waste my time learning something if there isn't a forum on which to ask for help.

Mailing lists are so 1990s, some of us don't like to link a real email account to every potentially dumb question we might have, don't want to set up yet another disposable account, and in any case don't want to be easily traced by the IP address sent with every email. Not if the address is a company one  :D

So a lack of forums puts people off, IMHO (certainly has done for me recently while I've been looking for a web app framework I can feel happy with - currently a toss-up between Yii, Laravel and FuelPHP).

If we have really good forums - as we do - let's not hide it!

Good idea to add a link to the forum!

ta, so who's the owner with the keys to the main page? And why is it locked down, isn't the point of a wiki the open user contributions? :)

1. Probably Vincent? Sending you a PM.
2. Well, I suppose to protect against vandalism as it's a juicy target!?


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