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Why I can not install PascalSCADA 0.7.3 in Lazarus 1.0.2
I sand you picture from my screen

You could try asking on PascalSCADA site, but if you are in a hurry, then you can try Lazarus CodeTyphon edition, where PascalSCADA is already installed in IDE.

I don't even know what this PascalSCADA is good for but their FAQ in

 Can I use/install PascalSCADA 0.7.2 with Lazarus 1.0.2?

Yes, you can, but to use it, you have two ways:

    Update some parts of PascalSCADA (ZeosLib)
    Remove the database support of PascalSCADA (Database still not used on PascalSCADA 0.7.2)

The easiest way is update the ZeosLib. To do this download [this file]. When download finishes, close Lazarus, unpack and replace the folders pascalscada/zeoslib/src and pascalscada/zeoslib/packages by the uncompressed folders.

SCADA is short for Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition. It is used to communicate to various industrial devices (usually PLCs - Programmable Logic Controllers) via some of supported communication protocols, exchange data, and create interface with plant control screens used by plant operators. PascalSCADA is a free package for Lazarus and Delphi which provides such functionality with your favorite language. Commercial SCADA packages like Wonderware Intouch, Siemens WinCC, Citect and others.


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