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What OS do you prefer when you develop with Lazarus ?

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Fred vS:
@ Dibo:

I have a multi-boot system mostly because of cross-compil.
I always loose when i try to cross-compile my apps with Lazarus 1. rc 2.

But you are taking about Code Typhon and  a build-in cross compile solution.

Is it working well ? And can it cross compile from Linux 64 to Linux 32, to Windows 64, to Windows 32, to Mac OSX, to Android ?

If it is true, it is a revolution for me (no need to re-boot every time to recompile in the OS i want)

Until I met CodeTyphon I used virtualbox guests for each target OS with Lazarus installed. It was tiring.

CodeTyphon was revolution for me too :P . Cross-compile can't be simpler. You just run CodeTyphon studio, check target OS which you want an CT automatically compile and configure free pascal compilers. Then run lazarus (modified by CT), open your project and change target  OS (or better - create build modes for each OS). That's all

I compile my project with one click for Linux 32/64 bit (GTK and QT) and Windows 32/64 bit. Never tested for MacOS

If you install CT on Ubuntu 64 bit, you probably will have problems with compile to Linux 32 bit (because ubuntu have different libs path). I wrote solution for this here:

Another issue with CT installed on linux is that CT Studio has problems with creating cross compiler for android, but CT Team is working on it, so it should be fixed soon. I reported this here:

CodeTyphon is fantastic for cross-compile. Too bad that Lazarus don't have similar solution


--- Quote from: Dibo on November 09, 2012, 03:46:06 pm ---Until I met CodeTyphon I used virtualbox guests for each target OS with Lazarus installed. It was tiring.

--- End quote ---

Me too  :)

I prefer to use virtual machines on Windows 7 64-bit, the distribution I use is ScientifLinux x86_x64 with CodeTyphon I can compile win32, win64, linux32, Linux64, linuxARM (Raspbian) without problem. I have tried unsuccessfully Android yet, but I think the only way for MacOSX is through a Mac, and for that matter there are ways to virtualize Mac OSX in unofficial ways  >:D.

If I need to restart, just restart the virtual machine.


Fred vS:
Thanks for answers.

Can i install Code Typhoon together with Lazarus 1.2 without destroying my Lazarus 1 RC 2 installation (who is installed, re-compiled (coz i change somethings in sources) and works perfectly.) ?

Fred vS:

--- Quote ---Mac OSX in unofficial way
--- End quote ---

Ok, i do my coming out : i have OSX snow Leopard installed on a USB stick.  :-X

But, trust me, i use it only for compile Lazarus code developed on Linux. And i want to be legal, so a cross-compil for OSX should be the top.  O:-)

By the way, the unique useful thing i found in OSX and not in other OS is the 2 options in task bar : Hide Program and Hide all other...

But that is a other story...


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