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What OS do you prefer when you develop with Lazarus ?

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I am currently doing most of my Lazarus work on Windows 7, but thats only because I am porting as much of my Delphi projects as I can.

There are a couple of third party tools I would love to see on Lazarus such as TMS Software and Trichview/TrichEdit. There is a very old version of trichview but I need the editor portion.

I contacted TMS and they are pretty much against Lazarus because they feel we are all to cheap to pay for quality 3rd party controls.  In my opinion as a prior delphi purchaser I would rather donate some of that Delphi license cost to Lazarus and use the rest to get components that I need to save me time.  I don't want to do every thing from scratch.   

I don't think Delphi users really understand how good Lazarus really is, and that's something we need to work on.

There is no reason why could not be used extensively in corporate enterprise environments.  It amazes me how incredibly stupid some corporate IT shops are.......

If we want Lazarus to be really popular we need a vibrant 3rd party component ecosystem so these corp shops will take notice.

Just my thoughts on the matter :-)


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