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GTK2 editor bug on windows?


I have encounter some weird behavior using an edit control with alignment = taRightJustify.
When you press back space in the middle of a word the caret jumps one character to the right eg.
sample text 1234567890 
place the caret between 6 and 7
press back space to delete 6
now the caret should be between 7 and 8
instead of between 5 and 7.

Is this the correct behavior or some kind of lcl bug?

123456|7890 - pressing backspace at current caret pos should delete number 6 and stay between 5 and 7. If it's different then it's bug. If you open an issue about it: write correct version of your gtk2, environment (linux distro etc) and attach example.

Windows 7 32bit and the below image is the only thing I know about GTK
Is this enough for a bug report?

ok that's latest gtk2 (2.24) ... open an issue about it and pls. write that it's gtk2 on windows, also provide example.


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