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I've noticed some thread saying that the Postgres Connection was disabled somewhere in verison 0.9 until further testing. Has there been any progress on making this available in the 64bit version of lazarus IDE?

many thanks

I believe it works.  I recall trying it out and had no issues aside from the fact it does not have the ability to receive notifications from the server.

I use PGDac from  works great and does not use libpq.dll or .so, it uses the PGSQL wire protocol directly, worth every penny.

Hi and many thanks for the reply. I've heard that devart component set is well worth the purchase. However, I am still in the very initial stages of my reasearch into lazarus as an alternative IDE (for 64bit and other platform deployment). I have installed the 64 bit version of lazarus and the 64bit version of Postgres (also very new to postgres). Under the SQLDB tab, however, I can find no database connection component for Postgres (I only see MYSQL and SQLLite connections). After some goolging, I found some related threads that mentioned the component was removed at some stages due to being untested thus far. I was hoping that it would soon become available for 64bit lazarus? - I really like to see how its fairs, before considering the devart / or any other component sets.

Many thanks again - any further input appreciated

What versions do you use? See signature.

Current trunk doesn't have Postgresql connectors.

You can upload a patch to the bugtracker to enable the postgresql component in Lazarus; for Laz you need to go to components\sqldb, and perhaps edit the makefiles, but certainly

--- Code: ---{$IFNDEF win64}
--- End code ---
in registersqldb.pas

FPC trunk would need altering:

--- Code: ---{ Drivers only for the following OSes }

--- End code ---

If applying a patch, please also specify a download location for the PostgreSQL 64 bit driver for windows; that will help with testing.

If you don't feel up to writing a patch, you can still open an FPC and a Lazarus feature request/bug on the bug tracker, indicating postgresql works for you on 64 bit windows and you want a driver for it. Indicate your OS/Lazarus/FPC version, as well as the location of the Postgresql driver, and as a courtesy, you could copy the details I wrote above.

If the patch is applied, you'll find it in snapshot versions of Lazarus trunk + FPC 2.7.1

Hi, thanks for the reply.

Im on the official release

as well as the latest official Postgres release for 64bit (seems only 64bit for windows at this stage)

I will consider my options (checkout of trunk/source and making changes / bugtracker) and will post any related links if I have any.

Many thanks


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