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is kolce support lazarus 1.1

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anyone know what caused this error, i unable add event but project success built, so im sure no error.

"Unable to create new method. Pleas fix the error shown in the message window,
which is normally below the source editor"

i'm using
- kolce 2.80.3
- fpc 2.6.1
- lazarus 1.1
- winxpsp3

Did you successfully install KOL-CE without modifying source? Because I created patch which fix installation on lazarus 1.1:
But couldn't fix bug mentioned by you. I reported it here:

I don't know who is the maintainer of this port, but seems forsaken

i am install it using modify with your patch
but not yet "DesignTime to RunAndDesignTime"
i will tes with "DesignTime to RunAndDesignTime",
i will report it after reinstall

hi dibo,
i set it to both run&designtime but still not work

i put small simple project here maybe you could tes it, include my kol-ce

thanks reply

I confirm this bug. I reported it long time ago:


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