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CDComboBox - no menu items on linux



I'm trying to use TCDComboBox from Custom Drawn. Everything works fine but menu items do not popup on button click. I looked into source, there is:

--- Code: ---// Call the combobox dialog
LCLIntf.OnShowSelectItemDialogResult := @OnShowSelectItemDialogResult;
--- End code ---
But in implementation is:

--- Code: ---// This routine is only for platforms which need a special combobox dialog, like Android
// It returns true if a dialog was provided for doing this task or false otherwise
// The process is assynchronous, so the result will be given in LCLIntf.OnShowSelectItemDialogResult
function TWidgetSet.ShowSelectItemDialog(const AItems: TStrings): Boolean;
  Result := False;
--- End code ---
I do not know how to interpret it. It is implemented only on android? Can I somehow implement it on linux? (GTK)

Yes, I focused mostly on Android.

For Linux it shouldn't use a GTK implementation but instead simply use the LCL to create a window and inside it put a list of objects to select. It would be a code that can be shared by all desktop backends.


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