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Another, different, installation problem with Lazarus
« on: September 28, 2012, 06:33:22 pm »
I just downloaded the FPC 2.6.0 sources from Source Forge, and on a clean Lazarus 1.0RC1 install, it said it was missing a source package (SynEditDsgn)!

I'm starting to get really concerned, because the last clean install I did 2 days ago with Lazarus, had a different source package missing!

Could someone please comment on what's happening with that?

This kind of problem is the last thing you want new users hitting, because they're not going to know it's an FPC issue, they'll assume (as I did the first time) it was a Lazarus error, or (worse) that it's not worth the hassle - and then they're gone forever. Or until 2015 or so :)

I'm sorry to keep whining on about bad news. You guys deserve better!

I know it's a minor, tiddly little thing, but I've had a few of those lately, and if I wasn't so passionate about FPC and Lazarus, I would be off somewhere else getting free software...

I'll download the 2.6.0 svn source tomorrow as a workaround, until SF is fixed anyway. BTW, if anyone could document for new users how to get just the 2.6.0 source via svn, that would be helpful, as the docs (wiki and bundled "Getting Started") don't actually tell you how to get the last stable release, only the trunk release. And the few examples they give for 2.5 and earlier don't seem to use the same tags or folder pattern (RELEASE_2_6_0 can't be found via the web svn browser, anyway).

Anyway, I hope this problem was only an oversight or something, not anything more serious! And please update here if you find any problems, just so I know what to look for next time.

Cheers everyone,


I've downloaded the svn copy of both FPC 2.6.0 and Lazarus and built both from scratch. That has fixed the missing package problem (and the debug timeout flag problem, and the help problem).

So there may be more than one issue with either FPC 2.7.1 (or later) and Lazarus 1.1 (or later).

If I had the resources, I'd install and doublecheck, but I just don't at the moment, so I won't.
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