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Menu Icons on GTK2?

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I installed Lazarus on Kubuntu and when I compiled my project which I had been working on in the
win32 widget set all the menu icons in the app(main and popups) don't show the icons.

Any ideas?



Just a friendly request: regardless of anything else, could you please start mentioning your Lazarus+FPC+OS version?

Sorry, no idea about your question; you could check the bugtracker. A quick glance at the Restriction Browser in Lazarus did not seem to give sensible results; you may have more luck (or perform a better search than me).


I also have no idea. I can only guess: missing or similar. Are the icons part of TImageList ? Do you run Qt (you have or GTK2 ?

Does it appear in the IDE ?,12699.msg92833.html#msg92833

Sorry about the version info guys, was in a rush at work :-)

OS Kubuntu 12.04
Lazarus 1.0 installed from the debs here:

The ide does not have menu items either will attach a screen shot.

I also rebuilt it with QT to see if it had icons with that widget set and it does, rebuilt with GTk2 and no menu icons in IDE or apps

It looks like it is the Oxygen theme messing up the icons as indicated in the link in the last post.  Will probably use the QT widget set for now.

Thanks for the help.


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