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QT on windows issue (menu editor issue)


I just succesfully built the IDE with QT on windows and I can compile my project fine, but I have found
that the menu editors for the main menu and popup menu does not work.

When I right click to add a new entry it does nothing.   If there is a submenu and it shows the drop arrow, the right click works if I click
right on that arrow.

Seems to be nice except for the menu issue, and this is using the latest qt binding dll on Lazarus 1.0

Is there a fix or work around for this?

ok, I just discovered that if I right click about 5 or 6 times really fast on the menu item, I get the popup menu.

Please open an issue about it, I'll check what's up there ...
Also write your Qt lib version and OS version (WinXP, Win7...etc)

will add a mantis ticket for it as well.

OS windows 7
QT libs version
Qt4pas.dll version



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