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I'm writting own drawer for custom drawn controls. But all controls inherit from (TCDControl -> TCustomControl), so background by default is without transparent (I get uniform gray color).
I think that non-container controls (like TCDStaticText, TCDButton etc) should inherit from TGraphicControl which has support for transparent background.
Custom Drawn Controls have potencial and I really like this idea, but lack of transparency disqualify this package for creating modern and fancy interfaces. For example I even can't drop TCDStaticText on panel which have gradient or some graphic :'(


Maybe not for standar buttons, those have a nice Focus stage.

BTW I think it's a good idea to add TCDGraphicButton and other graphic controls.

The best thing in Custom Drawn Controls is that all drawing logic is in drawer object. So I am just creating own component TMyCDStaticText which inherit from TGraphicControl and then in Paint method I call GetDefaultDrawer.DrawStaticText(). So with this trick I have transparent label. This same with buttons etc... :)

Nice, those are for your projects or you will include them in BGRAControls?

For my project. But this is my first serious contact with Custom Drawn Controls and... I liked it :) . Many interesting tools for creating GUI (e.g for text edit).
I am thinking how can I merge it with BGRA Controls. Or maybe create new independent package? Because BGRA Controls are hm, free style :) . Each control has different look and destiny. I am thinking about package which use BGRABitmap for creating uniform fancy styles with the same color scheme for all controls (like your Windows 7 drawer for CD). Gnome look is good example for a start :) . Standard BGRA Controls will be development with own way (as so far)


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