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Dialogs does not show non-latin chars with Qt on Darwin

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A simple ShowMessage('Bär') (->B??r) or ShowMessage('ада') (-> ??????) as well MessageDlg() don't work with Qt on Darwin. Can someone confirm this bug?

Carbon@Darwin and Qt@Linux both are okay, but not Qt@Darwin (always compiled with {$H+}).

Lazarus updates recently from svn, FPC 2.6.0

Have you included cwstring unit ?


--- Quote from: zeljko on September 15, 2012, 09:51:33 pm ---Have you included cwstring unit ?

--- End quote ---
I didn't before. But it does not help either.

I had some problems with mac also, but fixed it by adding LANG variable into macosx startup file.
1.Create directory $HOME/.MacOSX  (it's hidden dir - have dot in front of it)
2.Inside $HOME/.MacOSX create file environment.plist (you can do that by mac tool to create plist's ... don't know name atm)
3.Inside that file must be <key>LANG</key> <string>yourlocale_YOURLOCALE.UTF-8</string>
eg. I have <string>hr_HR.UTF-8</string>.
Logout, and then login again so changes are visible to system.

Before you create anything you can test that from terminal.

export LANG=yourlocale_YOURLOCALE.UTF-8
./yourproject <PRESS ENTER>

When I export LANG=de_DE.UTF8 the umlaut with ShowMessage() is still not shown, neither with or without cwstring. Carbon works as expected. LC_TYPE is UTF8.
And, last but not least, it would be a problem to set the LANG id for users.

PS: Maybe it's an interesting fact that "with CreateMessageDialog('Bär',mtConfirmation],[mbOk]) do ShowModal" is okay.


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