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In my application there are some print previews. I tried the Find function with the pbFind previewButton and ctrl/F too. It drops a window where I can type in the text I'd like to search for, but does nothing. Such a function would be fine, but not vital.

Because it doesn't work for me, I've hidden the pbFind button, but the ctrl/F option is still active. Is it a way to disable it?

Thanks for any help in advance


A workaround.

In the fr_view.pas module of LazReport there is a comment that the FindText function is not yet implemented, so let's say it isn't a bug, that it does not work, but a feature.  :D

Line 912 is " else if Chr(Key) = 'F' then FindBtnClick(nil)  ".

If it is modified to " else if (Chr(Key) = 'F') and FindBtn.Visible then FindBtnClick(nil) " then Ctrl/F will work accordingly the visible state of the Find button, so the function can be disabled from the user.

Anyway, it still would be nice if the text search function could work.

It will work if someone implements TMetaFile (eg. using fpvectorial)

There is Windows-only metafile implementation inside of TAChart,
see tadrawerwmf.pas


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