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The "funny" part (funny is not the word since I spent hours looking for the bug) is that the code runs perfectly on linux. I also tried to use gdb to see and the same code does not produce any error.
Anyway, dank u wel for your help since I would never have thought It would come from there.
To understand gdb backtrace, do you just look at any line or is a way to isolate the faulty segment?
Thanks a lot again...

Vincent Snijders:
Looking from the top, you look at the line that raises the exception and then try to find out why that happened.

Further down, I looked at the mention of user code, to figure out what why this code was called.

If I want to find something in the LCL, I always use Search -> Find in files, with a directory search. As directory I specify, c:\lazarus\lcl (or whereever you decided to put Lazarus).


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