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Unable to get it to install...

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Ok... I got it working!  I did a fresh install of Apple X11 then re-ran the fink command.  This time fink did TONS more stuff and took almost 5 minutes to complete!

I then tried to run Lazarus... "cannot open display".  I tried startlazurus.  Same deal.

So I went and ran the and started it from xTerm... It worked!  Looks REALLY nice!

Phil H.:
That's good news.

You can drag and drop the X11 app onto your dock to have a one-click way of starting X11.

To simplify starting Lazarus, in X11, choose Applications | Customize, then click Add Item. Under Name enter Lazarus, under Command enter the following:

open -a /usr/local/share/lazarus/lazarus

Click Done to close. Now you can start Lazarus from X11 simply by choosing Applications | Lazarus.



--- Quote from: "mattias" ---Where did you find the instruction, that you should install gtkglarea?

You don't need it.
--- End quote ---

If gtkglarea isn't needed, maybe this should be changed:

Thats kind of what I hinted at above... To make this less confusing the install docs should be updated.

Thanks for the idea Phil!


Not sure why but that command doesn't work either from the application window or from xterm

open -a /usr/local/share/lazarus/lazarus


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