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Unable to get it to install...

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Phil H.:

--- Quote from: "Anonymous" ---Phil,

Not sure why but that command doesn't work either from the application window or from xterm

open -a /usr/local/share/lazarus/lazarus
--- End quote ---

What error message are you getting?

The open command is the normal way of starting programs from the command line with OS X.



I am using Delphi on a regular basis - mainly because i'm not "really" a programmer. I use it a lot for number crunching and as such pascal is my tool-box. Only recently i got a Mac and I am not very Unix (or Mac) savvy so I haven't had any luck here. I got Lazarus up and running on my office PC. (It looks really really good btw). The win-install was just a click away and worked flawless.

A step by step instruction (Lazarus install OS X for dummies) would be the thing for me.

Kind regards



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