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Type_Class_Explorer application
« on: August 02, 2012, 11:08:25 pm »
I'm contributing an application (attached) which may be suitable for inclusion with existing Lazarus examples, now that the release of Version 1.0 gets nearer.

This class explorer displays information on all LCL Palette components, including the unit where it is declared and a visual hierarchy of ancestor classes, together with information on a variety of non-Palette LCL and FCL classes, and information on a range of simple types.

Additionally, almost every palette component that has visual GUI functionality is provided with a mini-applet demonstrating some simple feature of one or two properties, and a display which logs the commonest events (where possible). For the Chart components I've adapted code from Alexander's excellent examples (cut down to a bare minimum).

I struggled with reliably working code for some RTTI components (see the TTIImage and TTIFLoatSpinEdit). Does flickering result from poor coding on my part, or the OnIdle trigger setting properties repeatedly?

I'm not sure exactly which components will be installed into the Palette for Version 1.0, so this selection is based on RC1, and since component selection is unfortunately hard-coded (I'm not sufficiently experienced to work out how to do this dynamically), further adjustments may be needed to make the program work with a comprehensive component set.



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