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Where do lazreport component stores report name?


Hello all, trying to make it more clear, if i drop the lazreport component and double click it, it opens the report designer... i've designed all and saved it in the same folder of the project.
If i close the report designer and open it again the same report appears (logically).
If i close lazarus and reopen the project and double click the report component opens a blank one, np, go to open file and restore the saved report and is there.
The problem is that when i execute the report it shows the window preparing report and closes without error and withouth showing anything at all.
It is not the first time i use the report, i've done the same thing with other program and worked well.
I think could be that the report is not found, i've searched everywhere in the project files but i can't find where lazarus stores the report file name associated to the component.
Any solution to this?

Solved it, found a old pdf stored in my pc with lazreport documentation and it worked this way

--- Code: ---  frreport1.LoadFromFile('estadisticadeventas.lrf');
--- End code ---

But still i don't know where stored the filename last time, i didn't use loadfromfile and worked anyway...
any hints?

Set the property StoreInDFM to true and see if that solves your problem.


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