Author Topic: [SOLVED] error at install bgrabitmap package in lazarus 0.9.31 in Ubuntu 11.04  (Read 2798 times)


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I receive these messages when try to recompile lazarus after add bgrabitmap package:

"Compiling package bgrabitmappack 5.9.2" completed
PPU Loading /home/miguel/.lazarus/units/i386-linux/bgragtkbitmap.ppu
PPU Source: bgragtkbitmap.pas not found
Recompiling BGRAGtkBitmap, checksum changed for BGRABitmapTypes {impl}
bgrabitmap.pas(55,3) Fatal: Can not find unit BGRAGtkBitmap used by BGRABitmap of package bgrabitmappack.

The file bgragtkbitmap.pas already exist in the package path, FPC 2.6.0

Thanks for your answer

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Such checksum error appear with circular references, but I don't think there are. Did you try with another compiler ? I already encountered compilation problems with 2.6.0.
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I removed all relate to Lazarus and FP stuff and re-install the debian packages with the v1.0 RC1 and FPC 2.6.0 versions.

Installing bgrabitmap package was ok now.

Thank you.



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