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I know I"m probably asking something fairly silly, but is there a way I can turn off the feature that examines the code I'm writing and highlights errors?

In my situation, I bounce around from one code file to another, and it seems that clicking in the code window at all causes it to examine the code, and grab the first error it finds, and highlights it.  Most generally this isn't the line of code I clicked on and had intended to work with.  It's not a serious problem, but an irritant for the way I work.  Admittedly this is probably bad coding style, but it's mine and I'm comfy with it.

This should not happen by default. It looks like that somehouw the find declaration is enabled. This is normally only when CTRL is pressed

Vincent Snijders:
I think this is a bug in the win32 version. The editor somehow thinks <CTRL > has been pressed, although this isn't the case. Unexpected things happen as a result. I usualy press <CTRL>  to reset this bahaviour.


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