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Run time data display in data band


I'm familiar with Fast Reports, having used it on BCB.

I want to create a multi-line memo within a data band. The number of lines is data dependent. I tried using the script without success. I then tried to use the BeginBand event for the frReport. I've done this in BCB.

I had no problem identifying the master data band and finding the correct memo object in the report. I wrote the desired info to the memo, being careful to clear the memo before writing to it.

The master data is blank on a 1-pass report. The last data record is repeated on a 2-pass report for the number of records.

I set a breakpoint in the BeginBand procedure to verify that I was writing the proper information to the memo. I was. This procedure was called once for each data entry on the 1-pass and twice for the 2-pass report options. The proper data was written to the memo. (Memo.Clear; Memo.Add(s1); Memo.Add(s2); etc.

I'm open to any suggestions.

Thanks in advance.


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