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Synapse installed but not accesible (solved)

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Hi to all:

I am trying to use Synapse library, but when I try to compile the project using Synapse units, get next error:

--- Code: ---Fatal: Can not find unit blcksock used by unit1. Check if package pl_synapsepkg is in the dependencies.

--- End code ---

CodeTyphon Center and Lazarus report Synapse library is installed.

If I copy the Synapse units to proyect directory, compilation is fine.

I'm using CodeTyphon 2.7 (Lazarus 1.1 & fpc 2.7) without modifications in Ubuntu 12.04 32 bits.

Are there any way to correct this without move the source code into my project's directory?

Thanks in advance.

I wrote the same question in CodeTyphon forum, because I'm not shure if it's a Lazarus or CT situation.

Saludos desde México

Not a perfect solution, but you could add the directory to the Project/Compiler Options/Paths/Other unit files (-Fu).

open the menu "project\project inspector", press the add button, select the New requirement tab and select the synapse package in the package name combo box and press Create New Requirement

This should solve your problem.


--- Quote ---This should solve your problem.

--- End quote ---

I wondered where all that stuff was... 


You are really fast. It works perfect!!!

Thank you so much.

Saludos desde México.


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