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Christian Ortiz:
Hi, I am using Lazarus 0.9.10, firebird 1.5.1 on Linux suse10. When i use SQL
Components, it can't connect, the error: Can't find host "localhost".
(IBconnect, SQLtransaction, SQLQuery and DataSource).

After that i began using Interbase components (ibdatabase, ibtransaction, ibquery and datasource). It can connect, but when i insert data (with SQL statements : Insert ... Values ...) and make a ibquery.update* (i forget the complete :) ) in iSQL, i can see all data, but not when i do a query in Lazarus ¿?¿?¿??¿? why?????, nut if i do a query whit sum count, appers normal ??? im really confuse, i would like somebody help me.

PD: sorry for my ugly english

I have the same problem.. (not the sane at all) I'm using Microsoft Windows and the last Lazarus version. I've using these Interbase components to connect to the Firebird but when I'll insert a record, I've got this Error: "DataSource is not in Write Mode" (something like this..)
I've checked all components : database, query, transaction and connection.. Everything is allright.. I've done this job sometimes with Delphi, but now I NEED to use Lazarus due to License values ($$$) of our Delphi..
So.. Can Anybody help me and Ortiz ?
Well see ya, thanks for the support and sorry for my bad english language..

Try FIBL! (This is basically like Delphi's IBX)

Good luck!


Thanks EDU.. I'll Try FIBL soon as possible.. !! Like you can see, the components distributed in Lazarus package doesn't work with many programmers.. !!

See ya..

Christian Ortiz:
Interbase components, work fine for me, i think the problem is DBgrid component, it does not show all the data in a query, but i can write, i can read.
Th FIBL doesnt want to compile with lazarus 10.0, ask for a library doesnt exist :(


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