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A Request: Create a GUI Installation Program instead of using scripts


hey guys, thanks for checking this out...

i have been thinking about this for quite could use this application to read from your local svn folders and enable user to make installation choices ie what packages they want to install on top of the default selection already made.  users can then have as much as little to lazarus as required, this application should also deal with the config files and script accordingly.  the application should be able to write rpms, debs, tgz etc.  you could also allow a user to turn on debugging to monitor lazarus or fpc applications for bugs, could make everyone's life easier.  the installation program should also allow you to choose which widget set to use

thanks again guys.  keep up the great work

Contributions to my fpcup tool welcome... such as a GUI frontend ;) (The project directory actually contains a GUI project but that was in early stages).


BTW, if you're reporting Lazarus build bugs, it helps if you specify FPC version...







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