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(SOLVED) Lazarus in Terminal?

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--- Quote ---I am running Linux Mint 13; Lazarus 9.30.2-2
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OK, I see that you're using stable version which doesn't have the feature.

I found the solution.

Environment->Options->Debugger. Set the path and type to "none". This brings up your console program.


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--- Quote from: timppl on June 25, 2012, 07:34:39 am ---You need to go to Run->Run Parameters and halfway down is Use Launching application. Tick the check box and put in the command line for your favourite terminal programme.


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YES! Thank you. That was the keystone. I do appreciate the helpful insight to a problem that's been bugging me to no end. The next beer's on me  :)

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Hi! Could you please let me know the command line you used? Thanks!


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